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Equity Inspiration: If You Can Read This Thank A Teacher

Equity Inspiration: If You Can Read This Thank A Teacher

 I recall an old bumper sticker that said ‘if you can read this, thank a teacher.’

My first and best teacher was my mother. She was a Kindergarten teacher, and once she started having babies, moved her classroom to the home and taught her six children through and including when she took her last breath.

She gave us all an appreciation for the written word and I can remember reading with her for a half an hour a night during the summers, which inspired me to develop a love for reading. And, one of my sisters was inspired to follow in her footsteps and become a Kindergarten teacher herself.

I have been fortunate to see my sister in action, when visiting her classroom to read to her students with a colleague and customer, Dean Harrington (the one on the left).  Together, we have seen the incredible transformation in her students in one year and marvel at the impact just one teacher can have on the life of a child.

And it makes us think about the impact teachers have had in our lives, and for me, how thankful I was to have a teacher in my home. 


                                    This edition of Equity Inspiration comes to us from Jim O’Donnell, our President

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