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Since we're so invested in helping our partners grow, we've established both as a RI & MA Real Estate School. We hold classes online, it's a great place for real estate agents to come for continuing education, but it's also a way for us to get to know one another. Check back with us often to see what we've got coming up. Classes are taught by Attorney Michael Krone, Senior Vice President and Massachusetts Counsel at Equity National Title and its Massachusetts affiliate O’Donnell Law Group. Mike has over 35 years of experience in real estate transactions representing buyers, sellers and lenders and has held a real estate broker license since 1982. Mike’s vast knowledge and experience of being involved in thousands of real estate transactions allows him to provide real life experience when discussing legal and practical issues. Mike is a favorite instructor of Realtors in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. His classes are interesting, fun and never boring. Time flies when Mike is on the lectern. Don’t miss any of his classes.


RE47R05: Residential Mortgage Loan Market And Credit  Today The mortgage market is changing and today’s market is no different.  With the market moving from a refi to a purchase mortgage market at historically low rates you need to know what the processes behind today’s current mortgage underwriting.  Most importantly, you need to have a solid understanding of the current market in mortgages in order to be a truly effective mortgage professional.  This is one of the most popular classes and for good reason.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 or Thursday, August 26, 2021 or Thursday October 14, 2021

10AM- 12PM

2 Credit MA CEU


RE89R14: Purchase and Sale Agreement in Residential Transactions  With residential property values soaring you need to be sure that what should be included in the P&S is in there. With Riders averaging 6 pages and the agreements becoming more complex the real estate professional needs to have the essential knowledge to help their clients understand the most important transaction in their life. . Mike Krone will go over the new issues that are in play in preparing purchase and sale agreements as well as what you should be putting in your offers to make sure it gets into the P&S. Whether a seasoned veteran or a newbie – this class is for you.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

10AM- 12PM

2 Credit MA CEU


RE07R19: Closing & Settlement  e-closings, e-notaries, hybrid closings, bifurcated closings, closings, closings, closings.  We have entered a new phase in the closing process that was on its way here but has clearly been pushed by the pandemic.  Join Mike in a discussion of what the closing settlement process is all about at this time as well as what it will most likely look like in the near future.  Learn what you should be doing and how should you can help your clients and the closing attorney to get the transaction finalized.  This is one you should not miss.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

10AM- 12PM

2 Credit MA CEU


RE35RC03: Offers  No area of real estate sales is more fraught with peril than offers and purchase and sale agreements. In this session we will discuss multiple offers, over bidding and waiver of contingencies as well as protecting the buyer in the drafting that leads to the P&S.  Learn what information the Realtor should and should not relay on in marketing their properties.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

10AM- 12PM

2 Credit MA CEU


RE25RC08:  Financing   Learn the ins and outs of  financing of your transactions. Debt to income ratios, AVM appraisals, non-warrantable condos are just a few of the many areas of current mortgage financing that we will go over. This is a must class for any Realtor.

Thursday, September 9, 2021 or Thursday September 23, 2021

10AM- 12PM

2 Credit MA CEU

Approved Classes in RI:    Approved Classes in MA:   
National & Regional Economic Trends & The Effect on RI Market 3 credits Offers RE35RC03
The Mortgage Market & Financing Real Estate Today 3 credits Contract Law RE05RC01
The Appraisal Process & Real Estate Valuation 3 credits Closing and Settlement of the Purchase Transaction RE07RC01
Contract Law & RI Residential Real Estate Transactions 3 credits Foreclosures & Short Sales RE28RC07
Intro to Real Estate Title & Title Insurance 3 credits Residential Rental Landlord/Tenant Issues – Part 1 and Part 2 RE98R16, RE99R16
    Residential Mortgage Loan Market & Credit Today RE47R05
    Appraisal Process RE26RC07
    Real Estate Brokerage Professional Ethics (not for NAR credit) RE33RC11
    Chapter 93A Consumer Protection and Business Regulation for Brokers and Salespersons  RE04R08       
    FHA Loans RE75R12
    National Economic Trends & the Real Estate Professional RE34RC03  
    Due Diligence in Seller Representation in Residential Transactions RE97R15 
    Financing RE25RC08
    Zoning & Building Codes RE16RC13
    Brokerage Relationships    RE57R07
    Purchase & Sale Agreements in Residential Transactions RE89R14
    Technology and Real Estate Brokerage RE32RC03
    Understanding Title and Title Concerns RE44R05




We also offer in-office Lunch and Learns! They are much shorter than our CEU classes and not for credit but packed full of great information.  See some of our available ones below. 

Financing Your Commercial Real Estate Investment

Law on Security Deposits (MA)

Agency & Security Deposit Class (MA)

Title Training 

Cyber Crime - what to watch out for

Understanding Title Insurance

First Time Buyer (MA)

Escalating Offers (MA)

Fraud Seminar NE

Glossary of Important Terms

Lender Liability for Cyber Crime

Mandatory Agency Disclosure - backup offers

Marketing to Realtors

Mitigating Risk in Listing and Selling Property

Offers L&L (MA)

Multiple Offers

Pitfalls to Avoid for Realtors

Probate Issues Affecting Purchase Closings (MA)

Seller Agency Discussion (MA)

Reasons Why Retaining Attorney Is Smart Idea

Tenancies Probate Seminar (MA)

The Buyer Broker Checklist

Trouble with Offers (MA)

The Seller Agent Checklist

Vetting Settlement Agents

Things to Watch Out For

Co-op Presentation (MA)

Why Owners Title insurance

Hard Money Lending