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My Lines - 28th Anniversary Edition

Last month – August 21st – marked Equity’s 28th anniversary. Three years ago, to celebrate our anniversary, we challenged ourselves to complete twenty-five acts of service. This continued for twenty-six and twenty-seven, with the acts ranging from volunteering at the Amos House, participating in First Book Campaign and The Walking Bus, and any other event that a staff member brings to our attention that fits the qualification. When talk started around the office as to how we should close out our twenty-eighth year of being in business, however, we decided to up the ante.

As usual, it wouldn’t be about how big a party we could put together or the different flavors of cake that Equity loves best. This year, twenty-eight employees will step forward and handpick a team. Each team will then embark on acts of service that they themselves choose, whether they’re foundations we’ve already worked with in the past, or entirely new organizations, forming new relationships in the process.

After all, what better way is there to celebrate nearly thirty years of success in the closing industry than by giving back to the community that helped get us here? To mark our upcoming move, we’re making it a point to focus on volunteering in, but not exclusively to, Providence and the community that we look forward to being a part of.

Every act from each team will be chronicled to show firsthand the fulfillment volunteering gives, and the emotion it stirs in everyone there. It’s one thing to hear how inspiring such acts of kindness are, but it’s another thing entirely to be able to see it for yourself. And that’s one of the reasons why we’re choosing to cover these acts. It’s our hope that the hesitance otherwise present in such volunteer work be wiped away in favor of the smiles and very real joy.

We’re not just in business for the sake of business. We want to have a transformative effect on our people and the people with whom they come in contact with. We don’t lack for those willing to do the work. In most cases, there’s even a surplus. An example of this is Equity Cares, which we launched this January. Equity Cares is a program through which everyone at Equity continually volunteers their time throughout the year, the only goal being to help better our community and hopefully inspire others to take up the call as well. Because of this, we felt inspired to change our tactics when it came to planning our twenty-eighth anniversary.

This culture of charity that lives and breathes in our office. While there are many reasons that we’ve not only maintained our level of business but continued to improve and innovate upon it, there’s no denying that the heart of the people is the heart and soul of Equity. As I’ve said before, I share these stories and examples of our coworkers in the hopes that it will show both the normalcy in being hesitant, and hopefully inspire others to give back to their community in some way. There isn’t any other feeling like it in the world. And with Equity Cares, this is only the beginning.

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