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7 Time Management Tips for a Balanced Life

Time Management Tips

Research by the American Psychological Association, shows that reducing stress levels may protect an individual’s health long-term. However, most of us have a difficult time reducing our stress levels because we live in a world of constant pressure from job responsibilities, education goals, children’s activities, caring for elderly relatives, managing our finances, and much more. These responsibilities often require much of our time so trying to carve out regular quality time to wind down can seem impossible. Take a look at these suggestions that could help you be more productive and therefore save you time to use for some of the things you love to do. 

  1. Use lists. Using lists helps you keep track of the tasks you don’t want to memorize but need to remember. There are many online tools to use for your lists but some people may prefer a simple handwritten list. Whatever works for you is the key.
  2. Group similar tasks together. Try batching like tasks together. For example, schedule several times during the day to review and respond to your email.
  3. Block out distractions. Turn off unnecessary notifications on your devices. It can be very distracting to hear a ping every time someone sends you an email or likes your Facebook post. These notifications can break your concentration and therefore decrease your productivity. Allow yourself time to focus.
  4. Keep your workspace organized. Put aside some time every week to organize your home and work offices so you don’t waste time looking for things.
  5. Know what is urgent. Often other people’s emergencies are not your emergencies. Don’t let anything turn your day upside down unless it’s truly your emergency.
  6. Begin the day the night before. Get organized for your day the night before. Review your schedule. Make lunches. Put your clothes for the next day out. By preparing the night before, you’ll save time in the morning and make the beginning of your day less stressful.
  7. Make a sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day and make sure you are getting enough sleep. Nothing derails productivity like being tired
  8. No one is born with time management skills. It’s a learned ability and it takes work to keep up with it. At Equity National, we want to help our partners save time, be sure to let us know how we can help.

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