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50 Words to Avoid in Email Marketing Campaigns

Most people agree that spam–unsolicited email sent in bulk–is a nuisance and can slow down productivity. According to spamlaw.com, spam makes up more than 45% of all emails sent.
Spam filters can cut down on the amount of junk messages that wind up in your inbox. However, professionals who follow the anti-spam laws by using permission-based email lists, often get their messages filtered out too.
So, how can you make sure that your email campaigns go to your prospects’ inboxes and not their spam folders? Unfortunately, there is no sure fire way to do it. However, there are words you can avoid, particularly in the email subject line, which may help your email make it to more inboxes.

Take a look at this list of 50 spam trigger words and phrases. Keep in mind that spam filters often search the frequency that you use the words, not just the words alone. In other words, just because you use a word once in an email, doesn’t mean your email will automatically be relegated to the spam folder.

  1. Acceptance
  2. Apply now
  3. Apply Online
  4. Avoid
  5. Being a member
  6. Call
  7. Call free
  8. Call now
  9. Chance
  10. Click here
  11. Don’t hesitate
  12. Email marketing
  13. Fantastic deal
  14. Financial freedom
  15. For instant access
  16. For Only
  17. Gift certificate
  18. Giving away
  19. Great offer
  20. Guarantee
  21. Increase sales
  22. Incredible deal
  23. Info you requested
  24. Internet market
  25. Leave
  26. Lifetime
  27. Limited time
  28. Limited time offer
  29. Marketing solutions
  30. Mortgage Rates
  31. New customers only
  32. No catch
  33. No investment
  34. Now only
  35. Obligation
  36. Offer expires
  37. Once in lifetime
  38. One time
  39. Online marketing
  40. Only
  41. Order now
  42. Performance
  43. Please read
  44. Risk free
  45. Sale
  46. Special promotion
  47. Take action now
  48. Time limited
  49. Urgent
  50. Visit our website

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