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4 Body Language Tips to Nurture Business Relationships

Body language has been studied for centuries. Charles Darwin wrote the first scientific study about nonverbal communication, also known as body language, back in 1872. Recently it has become an important area of research as scientists learn more about neuroscience and pathways in the brain.
Every day, we send and receive nonverbal cues however many people don’t realize that how they make someone feel is often communicated through signals that that they aren’t even aware they are sending. Moreover, the recipient of those signals often isn’t even aware that he or she is receiving them.

UCLA Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Albert Mehrabian’s work indicates that 93% of our interpersonal communication is nonverbal.

  • 55% of communication consists of body language
  • 38% is expressed through tone of voice
  • 7% is communicated through words. 

Put this information to work in your professional life

As a mortgage or real estate professional, nonverbal communication is central to your ability to be successful in your work. Try incorporating these common nonverbal cues from body language expert and author Christy Greenblatt.

  • Nod – When you want someone to continue speaking, nod your head three times in a row at the same rate. Slow nodding signals interest and fast nodding indicates impatience.
  • Tilt your head – Another way to you encourage someone to continue speaking, just tilt your head slightly to right while you are listening to them speak. This gesture signals that you are listening.
  • Take notes – Taking notes sends a signal to someone that what they are telling you is unique and important enough to make note of it.
  • Keep eye contact but not continuous – Meeting a person’s gaze will convey sincerity and indicate that you are interested. However careful not hold their gaze for too long because that could feel uncomfortable for both of you. The goal is to hold a gaze for 70% of the time.

The take away is to be mindful of the silent signals that you are sending to others. Understanding how to use body language is a valuable skill and it can help you to nurture all of your relationships—business and otherwise.

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